Healthy Skin Spa is a Miami based Aesthetic Studio

dedicated to slowing down signs of aging as well as fat reduction in the face and body through various mesotherapy methods combining aesthetic equipment. We are committed to helping you accomplish your needs.

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Healthy Skin Spa uses only the finest products

whose production and quality controls are governed by extremely strict protocols. The products effectiveness are proven and endorsed by professionals worldwide, which are also available to clients for maintenance at home.

Sessions always are targeted to individual needs and skin types and guaranteed to get you on track to looking your absolute best!



Anti-Aging Therapy

Virtual Mesotherapy

Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Diamond Microdermabrasion


Acne Treatment

Aesthetic Equipment

Fat Reduction

Body Wrapping

Cavitation & Ultrasound

Vacuum & Body Sculpture

Lymphatic Drainage

Most of the treatments offered by Healthy Skin Spa are based on Transdermal Mesotherapy.

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In order to understand this innovative mesotherapy induction method, it is necessary to first explain the technique from which mesotherapy originated. It consists of applying active ingredients in the middle layer of the skin to achieve several desirable results. Mesotherapy can effectively aid in wrinkle filling, sagging of the skin, hydration, jowls, stretch marks, and more. Hydration and regeneration products such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and amino acids are penetrated.

Transdermal mesotherapy consists in the emission of a low intensity current that increases the permeability of the skin, opening its pores and allowing the active principles applied on the surface to penetrate to the middle dermis. In this way, transdermal mesotherapy achieves the same results gained using traditional mesotherapy (intra-dermal), but without the use of needles and the risks and unpleasant bruising involved.

Electroporation is a scientifically proven aesthetic treatment, endorsed by prestigious universities and widely used in renowned hospitals and aesthetic centers of medicine.

Transdermal facial mesotherapy achieves visible results after each session (flash effect). Th effects are improved during the next 24 hours, filling wrinkles, attenuating bags and dark circles, and firming the skin through the production of collagen.

Electroporation has an absorption efficiency of 100%, achieving fast results that return lost tone and brightness to the face, neck, neckline and body.

Contraindications and side effects

Transdermal mesotherapy is contraindicated during pregnancy, or if you suffer from acute intestinal infection, cancer, heart disease, pacemakers, diabetes, hypertension, inflammation of veins, and skin changes. There are no known side effects for transdermal mesotherapy.

Any of the treatments will be done by combining cosmetic vials with transdermal mesotherapy/ aesthetic equipment. You will see results after each session (flash effect), and after 24-48 hours you will have the true result. A minimum of 8 sessions are needed for effective and lasting treatment.